Woman has opinion

A WOMAN has expressed an opinion despite not possessing a penis.

The penis-less person stated her point of view both verbally  and in writing, without being invited to do so by a penis-possessor.

Commentators immediately highlighted the fact that the opinion had been voiced by a woman who did not have a penis in her possession.

Said one willy-wielder: “I’m afraid that without a valid penis this person’s opinion must be dismissed as nonsensical, hypocritical, tyrannical.

“Pussies, tits and hips are body parts incompatible to the forming of an intelligent, well-reasoned judgment on weighty, complex matters.”

The woman, after being politely informed that her expressing of an opinion was ‘offensive and disrespectful’ to those penis possessors who spend their entire lives carefully considering new ways to impose their dick-dominance, chose to ignore the advice.

She has now been labelled a ‘vagina villain’ and public members have been warned to avoid her at all costs.

A balls-brandisher elaborated: “An opinion without a penis is just not something that us penis-possessors can fathom, lest it be proven correct and our well-established patriarchy unjust.”

Images of the woman doing things have also been upheld as evidence that her opinion is unworthy of merit.

A cock-carrier added: “Besides, she’s fucking wrong and she should shut her fucking mouth.”