White man facing consequences

A WHITE man is enduring bad consequences for something bad that he has done.

The man, who has never himself had to deal with any bad consequences for the many bad things he has done throughout his life, cannot understand why he is now having to do so.

“I am so angry,” he said. “This is a great injustice to me. All of a sudden I’m being made out to be a bad man, despite me never feeling bad about anything before.

“Up until now no-one has ever told me to my face that I’m a bad man, so what’s changed? I don’t understand.

“It’s incredibly upsetting for me and hurtful to me and I demand you all make an apology to me.”

The people who are accusing the man of doing bad things to them are not themselves men, which is causing many other men to question the veracity of their accusations.

“How can someone who isn’t a man have any idea what it’s like to be a man and be faced with the awful situation of being accused of doing bad things and having to then deal with the horrendous consequences of those bad accusations, when really all men want to do is work hard and drink beer.

“These so-called ‘women’ have absolutely no idea what it’s like to live your whole life not dealing with any consequences and then suddenly having to deal with so many consequences – all in a big burst of consequential awfulness.

“This really is quite frightening for men.”

Another man pointed to the fact that the man being accused of bad stuff seemed nice and smart.

“I’m not going to suggest that men should never have to deal with any consequences for anything ever, but this is ridiculous.

“Look at this man who is being accused of bad stuff. Firstly, he’s white. Secondly, he’s wearing a suit. And finally, he says he’s never done any bad stuff.

“I mean we all know white men in suits never lie about anything.”