Wage nearly enough to live on

HUNDREDS of people have applied for a job offering a wage that is almost enough to live on.

Job-seekers pounced on the opportunity to make enough money to almost be able to pay the rent on a flat in the same city as where the job is based.

As well as nearly covering rent payments, the Almost Liveable Wage could also satisfy an employee’s minimum daily nutritional needs, making it incredibly appealing to people who currently only earn enough to feed their hamster.

One applicant enthused: “I never in my life thought I’d find a job with a wage enabling me to buy not just food but also clothes, a travel card, one weekly half-pint in my local, and toilet roll.

“If I can somehow convince the company that I have the necessary skills and experience to send a few emails and nod politely at meetings, this job will be completely life-changing.

“I might even be able to get some new socks!”

Trade unions and human rights groups have urged other employers to follow this example and adopt the Almost Liveable Wage for their own workforce, in the hope that fewer of them will attempt suicide.

However, industry bosses have refused to budge, warning that raising the wages of their lowest-paid staff might force senior bosses to sell one of their holiday homes.

“The Almost Liveable Wage presents a massive threat to the future of this country’s economy,” said one executive.

“As well as the future of my classic car collection.”