Truth lost

FEARS are growing for the fate of The Truth with several weeks having now passed since it was last seen.

Witnesses claim The Truth was last spotted heading toward the coast, dressed in black with its head bowed.

A low-frequency howl was said to have been heard moments after The Truth disappeared.

“It was deeply disturbing, disquieting,” said a witness. “My body shook for several seconds, I may have even passed out.

“It was then that the dark clouds rolled in, their blackness deeper than anything I have seen in my life. And those clouds, bringing forth this heavy air of doom, have stubbornly refused to dissipate.

“There is nothing left beyond The Truth. There is nothing left, I promise you. These really are the end of days.”

As more and more time passes without The Truth present to keep us safe, analysts have begun speculating that we may soon reach an event dubbed ‘Peak Lie’.

Said one: “Peak Lie has been hypothesised for many years, but few have ever taken it seriously until now.

“It is difficult to really imagine what Peak Lie might look like, but suffice to say you don’t want to be around when it happens.

“Personally I believe, with the continued absence of The Truth and absolutely no indication of when it may return, that Peak Lie is now inevitable.

“What is perfectly clear at this stage is that there is nothing we can do to alter our fate. Without The Truth around to lead us, to give us direction, we are helpless. We are at the mercy of those who wield the instruments of agency.

“And what shall they do without The Truth? What can anyone do but submit to falsehood and fabrication? What other choice remains?

“We are nothing without The Truth. We are but mere grains of sand watching on as a tsunami of lies heads toward us. Prepare to drown. That is all. That is all that remains for us now.”