Tenant ‘eager to pay landlord’s mortgage’

A TENANT is determined to work extra hard in order to help pay off their landlord’s mortgage.

The hard-up renter has been putting in plenty of overtime at their job and forgoing many of life’s pleasures to make sure they can make this month’s hefty financial contribution towards someone else owning the property they live in.

“It’s a huge motivation for me to know that every penny I earn in my job and every penny I save from cutting my own hair is helping to pay the mortgage on this badly insulated house I’m living in,” the tenacious tenant said.

“Even though that mortgage isn’t mine, I’m no less determined. My best chance of paying off a mortgage is to pay off someone else’s, so I may as well get on with it.

“At least it means my landlord will be happy. I mean, I can’t really afford to be selfish now can I? Either I live here and pay off someone else’s mortgage, or I live under the railway bridge at the end of my street.

“Like, I literally can’t afford to be selfish.”

The tenant once harboured ambitions of paying off a mortgage that was actually theirs, but repeated rent rises have ensured any progress towards this ambition be halted indefinitely.

“I’m not bitter that my rent has gone up by more than 50 percent over the past ten years, while my wages have stagnated. Why would I be upset about that? It’s just the way the market works, isn’t it?

“We live in a meritocracy whereby the people who skillfully judge the best parents to be born to are the ones who deservedly get a home to call their own, while everyone else must work their ass off to ensure their landlords are rewarded at an increasing rate.

“My rent goes up each year because my landlord consistently does such a great job at owning the property I live in. I’m just absolutely fucking stoked that I get to help contribute to their wealth.

“They’ve earned every penny – no doubt about that at all.”