Team beats team

A TEAM has won after beating the team it was opposing in a team-versus-team contest.

The victorious team has expressed joy and delight at being victorious, while the defeated team has expressed sadness and sorrow at being defeated.

“I liked that we won,” a member of the victorious team said afterwards.

In contrast to this comment, a member of the defeated team said: “I disliked that we lost.”

Team contest analysts concluded that the outcome of the contest designed to discover which team is better was that the better team was the team that won the contest.

However, supporters of the defeated team disagreed. One said: “I disagree that the best team won the contest to determine which team was better.

“It is my honest contention that the defeated team is actually better than the team it was defeated by, and I am therefore angry and confused as to why the contest to determine the better team produced the opposite outcome to that for which it was designed.

“I am unsure how to cope emotionally with this scenario and it is possible I may now react in a way which is deemed to be irrational, absurd and pathetic by people who do not share support for the team that I support.”

Following the team-versus-team contest, the victorious team will now advance to face another victorious team, and so forth until there are no more victorious teams remaining and only one can be said to be victorious over all the others.

The defeated teams must wait until they are given another chance to become victorious, and have been advised to use the time until this occurs to improve their team, or otherwise risk being defeated once more.