Refugee ‘sorry for being selfish’

A REFUGEE is “sorry for ruining people’s lives” by greedily fleeing violence and poverty.

The young man fled his war-torn homeland in search of a better life but now realises “how selfish that was” and is instead going back there to face a near-certain death.

After trekking across a continent in appalling conditions to reach safety, the refugee told stern-faced immigration officials: “I am so, so sorry. I can see from the looks on your faces just what an awful error I must have made to come here seeking help.

“Expecting other people in parts of the world not ravaged by violence and poverty to offer me refuge was an impulsive decision based on nothing but my own greed and narcissism.

“After my parents were murdered and my hometown laid to waste by barrel bombs, I now know the only noble response would have been to stay there and wait to die myself.

“Instead, I selfishly fled and attempted to enter a land I had no right to. All I wanted was food and shelter, but I understand now that those basic human needs are things you must earn.

“And I have earned nothing. Nothing except a painful, lonely death that I am now grateful to endure.”

The immigration officials are under orders to send all refugees back to where they came from. The orders are part of a plan to make one part of the world better than other parts of the world by unleashing devastation on all those other parts of the world and then refusing to deal with the consequences.

“It cannot be our fault,” said an order-giver, “that those people in other parts of the world lacked the skill and ingenuity to be born to a mother living in our part of the world.

“The long-term peace and prosperity that we yearn for here cannot be possible unless the rest of the world is perpetually blighted by violence and poverty.

“I’m glad these so-called ‘refugees’ are now starting to realise that.”