Racist sex pest popular

A RACIST sex pest is being cheered and applauded at huge rallies as part of his attempt to take a black man’s job by beating a woman.

In his bid to win employment, the racist sex pest says the woman belongs in jail and that racism is the best solution to all the problems currently being faced.

“He’s so inspiring,” a supporter said of the racist sex pest. “This is exactly the kind of racist sex pest we need to make progress and become prosperous.

“I don’t understand why this racist sex pest has got such a bad reputation.”

The racist sex pest first launched his campaign to win the high-profile job by making a number of overtly racist statements. His popularity subsequently soared.

“He says the sort of racist things that other people don’t want to say because they don’t want to be seen as racist,” another supporter proclaimed. “But sometimes racist things need to be said, you know?

“This country has a long and proud tradition of racism, so it’s great to finally find someone prepared to build on that racism and take it to the next level.

“Let’s make racism great again.”

As the racist sex pest’s campaign has gained momentum, a series of sexual assault allegations have been made against him. Evidence has also been found which shows the racist sex pest boasting about a sexual assault he has committed.

While the revelations have seen the racist sex pest’s popularity dip slightly, he still boasts the support of millions of people and is refusing to do anything to counter his reputation as a racist sex pest.

Instead he has simply promised to make people wealthier.

“We love you, you racist sex pest!” thousands of people cheered at a recent rally. “We want you to be in charge of making important decisions that affect our daily lives!”