Racism encouraged

RACISM is being encouraged.

Advisors claim that negative assumptions and judgments about people based on aspects of their physical appearance which are beyond their control “could save lives”.

People are been advised what to do in the awful situation they “see someone who looks dodgy” and who “has a skin colour of an irregular tone”.

Further advice suggested that anyone seen in the local neighbourhood who also “smells a bit funny” or “is making odd noises” should be reported via a special police hotline.

And if such a dodgy person, of irregularly toned skin, smelling funny and making odd noises, is also wearing a rucksack, passers-by should “help police eliminate the threat as fast as possible,” because “this person could be on their way to bombing an old people’s home or local garden centre”.

Potentially every person in the local community who looks a bit too foreign “may be carrying a gun, an axe, or a spoon which they plan to use on an unsuspecting baby”.

Therefore the only sensible and rational course of action upon sighting such a threat is to call the special hotline and ensure that any atypically coloured rucksack carriers are terminated expeditiously.

“It may be that this shady outsider is considering a violent and politically motivated attack on an orphanage or second-hand furniture shop,” continued the advice.

“By helping us destroy this person and any evidence they ever existed you could be a lifesaver, a hero, the foil to an act of mass murder.

“All you have to do is tell us what the suspect looks like, where they are going, and how foreign they are. Then we’ll discreetly erase them from existence.

“Your racism might save literally trillions of human lives, and only at the expense of a life that no-one cares about.”