Present wars halted to honour past wars

WARS taking place in the present have been paused momentarily in respect to those killed during previous wars.

The brief but poignant silence allowed those not yet killed to remember those who have been killed in their attempts to ensure no-one else is killed.

“Millions of people have died in long, great wars, fighting for peace,” said a war participant. “We must remember them and honour them, before we carry on with the wars we are fighting right now.

“I think that all the victims of war would be happy to know that today, just like yesterday, people are being killed in wars.

“Today we honour those who have died, for a minute or two, but tomorrow we look forward to dying ourselves.”

Paying respect to the war dead is an act synonymous with the advocation of further war dead.

“Now is not the time to call for peace,” the war participant continued. “It is disrespectful to use this moment, when we remember those brave people who died fighting for peace, to demand peace.

“By acknowledging the great debt owed to those who have died fighting wars on our behalf, we must continue to fight these wars and ensure that there will be more war dead in the future.

“For as much as we should respect the war dead, we should be careful to ensure their dreams of a peaceful world remain just that¬† – dreams.”

People who have disrespected the war dead by demanding that there be no more war dead have been told to use a more appropriate forum for voicing their anti-war views.