Poor people left to die

POOR people have been left to die so that rich people can get a bit richer.

As food, energy and housing rapidly becomes more expensive, money is devalued and wages remain static, poor folks are finding it increasingly difficult to stay alive.

The wealthy elite who run the country had previously pretended to care about the fate of poor people, usually by throwing them the odd tasty policy morsel or false promise, but have now decided to just let them starve to death.

One rich and powerful person said: “Back in the day we had to pretend to care about the poor because otherwise we risked losing votes, but we’ve decided it wasn’t worth keeping up that charade anymore since we seem to be losing votes anyway.

“Now you’re seeing us for who we truly are – utterly selfish, evil cunts.”

Money that could have been used to help poor people eat and heat their homes is now instead being used to make wealthy people wealthier.

“Look, we just figured we may as well dole out loads of cash to those who least need it while we still could.

“We like being rich and we control all the money so what are you going to do? Write bad things about us in the newspapers that we own?

“It’s not our fault we’re rich, you know. We can’t help it. We were born this way.

“All we want to do is ensure that those like us who got lucky in the lottery of life never have to share what we’ve won. Is that so bad?

“Yes, yes, we know it’s bad. We just don’t give a flying fuck about you.”