Photo of bad event ‘make bad event worse’

A PHOTOGRAPH taken of a bad event happening has reportedly made the bad event infinitely worse.

The recording of the bad event through a lens which focused the bad event’s visible light wavelengths into a digital reproduction of what a human eye would see had they been there in person to witness the bad event occurring has caused shock and sorrow the world over.

Had the photograph not been taken, the bad event would have still happened, only it wouldn’t have happened in quite such an appallingly bad way.

“This photo changes everything,” a commentator on bad events noted.

“Before this photo was taken, bad events were happening without people noticing. Now, bad events are happening and lots of people are noticing.

“Isn’t it terrible that so many people are noticing?”

The fact the bad event was photographed now means blissful ignorance, the most desirable state of existence that any person possessing a conscience can aspire to, is impossible for those who have seen it.

“Bad events are bad, obviously,” the bad event commentator lamented, “but they tend to only cause pain for the people directly involved.

“The real danger is when a bad event is photographed or otherwise recorded in any way. Once this has happened, it opens up the bad event to a much bigger audience, multiplying the badness and inflicting grief and sympathy across a wider area than would have otherwise been the case.

“Now this awful photo has surfaced, the badness is spreading rapidly and I’m afraid that some kind of action may now need to be taken to stop it.

“This photo of the bad event being taken is simply terrible, terrible news. I am devastated for everyone who has had to endure looking at it.”

Since the bad event was photographed, a huge aid appeal has been launched as millions of people from all over the world call for drastic action to be taken.

One aid worker at the scene said: “I urge everyone to do whatever they can to help bring an to end this awful situation.

“Urgent assistance is required for all those who have viewed this photo of the bad event – to help them forget as much of what they saw as possible.”

If the aid appeal is successful it is hoped that bad events could finally stop being photographed for good, and the pain they cause confined only to those who are in the immediate vicinity of the bad event at the exact moment it occurs.