Humans being nice to each other

HOMO sapiens are being kind and helping each other out.

Humans – who have spent much of the last century developing and deploying evermore efficient methods of mass slaughter – are instead now utilising advanced digital technologies to buy each other food and bathroom products.

Some people are even sharing and donating things.

“Yesterday my neighbour asked me how I was,” one shocked human reported.

“They said ‘how are you?’ and then I felt this warm, fuzzy feeling inside that I’ve never known before. I felt compelled to ask them how they were in return.

“Today I found out what their name is and tomorrow I’m planning to offer them some of the pasta in my cupboard.

“It’s just so nice.”

Humans in advanced societies are taught from an early age to distrust one another and viciously compete against ‘rival’ humans, to their mutual detriment. But, in an unprecedented move, the species has collectively decided to look out for its weak and vulnerable.

“Some people are poor and frail and it’s actually not their fault,” another human admitted. “This is new information.”

Homo sapiens are also now refraining from planetary destruction, after sudden restrictions on environmental annihilation were put in place.

Said one of the bipedal hominids: “At first I was really annoyed I wasn’t being allowed to take part in activities that emit dangerous pollutants and help advance our world’s next great extinction event.

“But then I realised that I didn’t really need to travel 3,000 miles across an ocean just to take a picture of a landmark that is already pretty well photographed.”

Meanwhile, human-led governments have started looking after some of their citizens.

“We are here for most of you,” a national leader exclaimed. “We promise to support a lot of you in your time of difficulty and possibly also at times that are less difficult although we haven’t decided about that yet.

“Let’s see how things turn out.”