Government run by cunts

CAREFUL analysis shows the government is being run by a bunch of cunts.

An investigation conducted by a highly-experienced team of cunt detectors uncovered conclusive, unyielding proof that the people in charge of running the country are indeed all cunts “of the highest order”.

The chief cunt detector said: “It’s long been suspected that the government was run by a bunch of cunts, and this confirmation of the fact should surprise no-one, but the evidence we have uncovered goes way beyond standard cuntery.

“We found cunts at every level of government, from the prime cunts, to the secretary of state cunts, deputy cunts, and even the junior cunts. The government is stuffed full of cunts from top to bottom.

“Our investigation was based around the three signs of cuntery; talking like a cunt, looking like a cunt, and acting like a cunt. On this basis, there is no doubt – the government is exclusively comprised of cunts of the very highest order.”

As part of their investigation the cunt detectors also looked for examples of historic cuntery, meticulously trawling through government records dating back to the founding of the state itself.

“Cunts are not a modern phenomenon, and it was imperative that a historical context could be provided as part of our research,” the chief cunt detector continued.

“We looked for the three signs of cuntery in archived documents, photographs, film, sound recordings, correspondence, minutes of meetings, you name it.

“And sure enough, we found that past governments were all, without exception, run by cunts.

“So while it may be depressing to know that our present government is run by a bunch of total fucking cunts, I hope our investigation can also offer some reassurance to the general public that having cunts in charge of the country is a perfectly normal state of affairs.”

Nonetheless, efforts to replace the current cunts with non-cunts are ongoing. Such efforts are likely to be hampered by an inherent cunt bias in the system for choosing new governments.

A cunt commentator added: “Just because every government we’ve ever known has been run by cunts, it does not mean cunts are inevitable, nor that we should simply sit back and let cunts get away with being cunts.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of cunts is that non-cunts do nothing.”