Future storm not going back

A STORM of the future has arrived in the present and is not going back.

The future storm started yesterday and has since been moving steadily through the present, causing devastation everywhere it goes.

This despite it not being physically conceivable for another 30 years.

“No-one should know too much about their own destiny,” a person in charge warned, after witnessing the future storm’s size, ferocity and power.

“If we know too much about our own future we could endanger our own existence. The consequences could be disastrous.”

Asked what advice they’d give to people in the path of the future storm, the person in charge said: “You must not leave your house. You must not see anybody or talk to anybody.

“Anything you do could have serious repercussions on future events.”

People in charge are currently very busy hoping that all future storms stay in the future, as well as all future droughts and future floods.

An upcoming gathering of people in charge will provide an opportunity to prevent future storms and other future meteorological events, but their current plan is to sit tight and pray the future will never happen.

Told that everyone’s future depended on them, another person in charge said: “No, I refuse to except the responsibility.

“Having information about the future is extremely dangerous.

“Whatever this future storm’s got to tell me, I’ll find out through the natural course of time.”