Fuck off fascist fuck, voters decide

A FASCIST should fuck off and then go fuck off some more, voters have decided.

The electorate voted in record numbers to evict the fucking fascist piece of shit from the office he’s been covering in his own faeces the last four years.

The defeat came against a man whose greatest redeeming quality was that he, unlike his opponent, was not a motherfucking fascist arsehole scumbag loser with tiny, tiny hands.

One voter said: “He was desperate to become a dictator but now he’s destined to always just be a dick.”

Another added: “I would have voted for a pile of vomit over that guy. At least the vomit would have had some integrity.”

Not all voters are happy about the outcome of the election, but honestly who gives a flying fuck about those cunts?

The illiterate orange-faced fascist fuckbag is now set to go back to his previous life as a bankrupt businessman and career criminal, although analysts have not ruled out a return to politics if he survives long enough to finish his prison sentence.

“He won’t survive his prison sentence,” a spokesperson for the nation’s inmates confirmed.