Frog yet to jump out of heated pan

A FROG has still not reacted to the increasing temperature of the water he is currently occupying.

The amphibian is situated inside a pan being persistently heated by a stove it sits directly upon, yet the frog continues failing to extend the muscles in his legs in a manner which would enable him to exit the dangerous environment he currently inhabits.

This is despite the water’s torridity now posing a significant risk to the health of the frog, who is seemingly oblivious to his own inevitable death should he choose to remain stationary.

“Looks like he’s enjoying himself to much to care,” said a herpetologist.

“The water’s temperature is steadily rising and, should this upward trend persevere, as the constant heating from the stove suggests that it will, the poor frog will soon perish in rather appalling circumstances.

“Unfortunately, the frog seems incapable of realising the extent of the danger he is currently in.”

Surprise at the frog’s refusal to escape the lethal scenario is further enhanced by knowledge of how he came to occupy a pan of water situated over a hot stove.

“He turned on the stove himself and jumped right in,” the herpetologist explained.

“At first he may not have realised the impact this would have on the water’s temperature, but now that he is directly feeling the consequences, you might think that he would wish to correct his earlier mistake.

“Sadly, he does not. Occasionally I catch him looking upward, as if he might be preparing to jump, before his glance returns again to the water.

“The frog fully possesses the means to escape his predicament, he just chooses not to.

“Personally, this is not a choice I would endorse.”