Famous person recommends product

A PRODUCT has been endorsed by a famous person, who claims it is “really good”.

The person, who is famous for doing an activity unrelated to the product they have endorsed, delivered a series of messages to explain why it was worthy of being purchased.

“This product is really good,” the famous person explained. “Although I already possess more money than I need to live comfortably, I have decided to earn lots more money I don’t need by trying to sell you something that you don’t need and help increase the profits of a corporation that is already very profitable.

“As someone who is both familiar and friendly, I am well placed to make this product appear more appealing to you. I don’t mind taking time away from my artistic pursuits to do this because I am vacant inside and will do almost anything for money.”

The famous person admtted the advertisement represented a “fantastic opportunity” to boost their ego but that this fact should not detract from the quality of the product they were advertising.

They continued: “Apart from the money and the narcissism, I do genuinely believe this to be a useful product. Although you don’t need it and it will cost you more money than you can reasonably afford, I still think you should buy it.

“Don’t let the fact that it is a useless piece of crap you could get second-hand for half the price dissuade you from buying it immediately.

“And don’t forget that I am someone familiar to you, who is good looking and has brought you joy. You look up to me, I can sense it. This is why you should trust me that this product really is worth buying.