Factory workers ‘deserved to lose jobs’

WORKERS laid off when their factory was moved overseas had it coming, according to their former boss.

More than 800 staff who lost their jobs “failed to perform at the standard required” and have been described as “lazy little shits”.

Commenting on his company’s decision to close the facility after more than a century, its boss said: “Those workers were crap at their jobs, quite frankly.

“We gave them enough warnings to pick up their game. We laid out the financials to them, said they had to double productivity in a month or we’d be out of here.

“It’s simple really. They weren’t good enough, so we’ve moved the factory to somewhere with harder working, better disciplined staff who know when to keep their mouths shut.

“You get what you deserve in this world – and those factory workers deserve to be unemployed.”

Asked how the families and the town the company has left behind will cope without their chief economic driver, he continued: “I don’t get paid to give a shit, do I?

“My job is to make money for this company. Those workers weren’t making us enough money, so I went out and found some who would. That’s how it goes.

“It’s not my job to provide employment, it’s my job to make money. It’s not my job to look after someone’s family, it’s my job to make money. It’s not my job to keep this town’s economy afloat, it’s my job to make money.

“If you’re concerned about what’s going to happen to these factory workers, their families, and the shitty little town they live in, perhaps you should be interviewing the people whose job it is to look after them – because it sure as hell ain’t mine.”