Democracy ‘cannot be too democratic’

DEMOCRACY still works best when it is not too democratic, elected representatives claim.

More and more people are demanding a greater say in how their society is run, but the people elected to represent those people don’t want them to, and their decision is final.

“Giving the people a bigger role in our democracy could potentially be dangerous,” said one of the people the people elected.

“Not all people can be trusted to make the right decisions, which is why our democracy is somewhat inconsistently democratic, and, at times, not democratic at all.

“When our democracy is undemocratic, it’s because it needs to be. It is wholly inappropriate and unfair that a democracy could be made more democratic simply because a mass movement of people demand it so.”

Some people have even gone so far as demanding that their opinions be given equal weight to other people’s.

“That’s just absurd,” continued the elected person. “The people who elected me weren’t given a choice because they didn’t need one.

“It was obvious I was the best candidate, since I had been given the most amount of money to spend on my campaign.

“To give the other candidates a fair chance of beating me would simply be unfair.”

An unelected representative has also defended accusations that an undemocratic lawmaking body has begun wielding a little bit too much power recently.

“Giving power to unelected people is just as much a part of democracy as giving power to elected people,” an unelected person explained.

“Every healthy democracy needs to have a wholly undemocratic element to it, you know, to balance it all out.

“What if the people elect someone they shouldn’t elect? That’s where the undemocratic body steps in, to make sure that the people don’t get carried away, thinking they’re the ones in charge.

“Because they’re not.”