Customers undeterred by product’s ubiquity

A UBIQUITOUS resource is being sold in large quantities to people who could easily acquire it for free.

This despite the consumable product being found to carry no net additional benefit in comparison to the freely-available commodity.

An extensive examination confirmed that it fulfilled the same needs, possessed no discernable difference in taste, and failed to provide any extraneous perk.

“Beats me,” a shopkeeper admitted. “My customers are either unaware that this stuff is easily acquired elsewhere, either for free or for considerably less than what I’m charging them, or they’re too wealthy to give a shit.

“I mean, for fuck’s sake, you’d think they’d notice it falling out of the fucking sky. But nope, in they come, buying this stuff for more than the cost of our cheapest beer.

“Yeah, that’s right. Given the choice, these dicks would rather spend their money getting sober.”

But the shopkeeper said he was happy to continue selling the ubiquitous product.

“Oh, for sure. If they wanna give me their money unnecessarily, I ain’t gonna stop them am I?”

Shock at the ubiquitous product’s popularity is universal among its non-customers, including even the people whose job it is to market it.

“It’s incredible really,” a ubiquitous product advertiser admitted.

“We’re selling a product that is pretty much the biggest rip-off in the history of all products, and we’re not even trying to hide it. It’s the most obvious con the world’s ever known.

“It’s not just that you can get this stuff for free that’s baffling. It’s also the fact that it’s the single most boring product you could possibly buy.

“No-one here in the office has even the faintest fucking clue how we’ve been able to convince these utter imbeciles to pay for something that they have an almost limitless supply of in their own homes.

“People joke about selling snow to eskimos. We’re doing it.”