Cause hit by effect

THE cause of a problem has been hit directly by its effect.

Repercussions rained down upon the heart of the problem production industry at a record rate, puzzling problem causers who didn’t realise the problems they produce could limit their ability to produce yet more problems.

One such problem causer said: “We’ve been hit really hard by a wave of extreme effects, limiting our ability to cause problems, which is a major concern both to us and to the millions of people who depend on us to cause problems.

“Just what exactly could cause such devastation? It’s really hard to fathom why this is happening.”

Work to restore the cause of the effect will commence just as soon as the cause ceased to be affected, although effect officials have warned that this may be a bad idea in the long-term.

“An industry that is causing a series of devastatingly bad effects has itself been badly affected,” the effect official confirmed.

“A lot of people associated with this industry have denied there is a direct link between the problems it causes and the effects that occur as a result. But you can’t deny this flood of facts, this torrent of truth.

“Cause and effect, action and reaction. If you want to stop the latter, first you must end the former.”