Billionaires disobeyed

BILLIONAIRES are being disobeyed for the first time in their lives.

Instructions issued by the super-wealthy suits over the past few months have been ignored, and in some cases are now even helping to achieve the opposite effect to that which they intended.

Although this new era of billionaire rebuttal is in its infancy, results so far suggest that a large swathe of the population stand to benefit from it.

“Disobeying a billionaire is an act likely to have a positive outcome for more people than the act of obeying them,” observed one rebel.

“Who knew?”

Another firebrand said: “A billionaire told me to do this thing, but I decided to do the other thing instead. It felt good, and I’m going to do it again.

“I just can’t believe no-one thought of disobeying billionaires until now.”

Billionaires are usually obeyed by everyone from the moment they become a billionaire, if not much sooner. But in recent months billionaires, despite in some cases owning large media organisations or running nation states, have faced the grave ignominy of being disobeyed by those whom they have previously controlled with great ease.

They have reacted by folding their arms, dropping the corners of their mouths, and adopting an incredulous tone in their voices. “No fair,” said one. “You’re all big poopy faces.”

Another billionaire added: “You fools don’t know what’s good for me.”