‘Bad idea’ bad idea

A BAD idea that lots of people warned was a bad idea has turned out to be a bad idea.

The bad idea has recently been implemented after years of debate about the bad idea’s many, many flaws, but now the bad idea has become a bad reality.

“Oh this is bad,” said one person who has been impacted by the bad idea. “I didn’t imagine it would be this bad even though lots of people said it would be this bad.

“I guess I just assumed that the bad people who came up with the bad idea were right when they said it would not be that bad.

“But now it is really, really bad and I just want it to stop. Please make it stop.”

The bad news is that the bad people who came up with the bad idea remain convinced that the bad reality resulting from the bad idea can be fixed not by cancelling the bad idea but by coming up with more bad ideas.

“This bad reality that we find ourselves in can be solved with this new bad idea I’ve just come up with,” one of the bad people explained.

“You have to trust us that our new bad idea will solve the bad reality that was caused by our previous bad idea.”

People who hoped the bad debate over the bad idea that went on for several bad years would end once the bad idea had become a bad reality now fear that it was only the first of many bad ideas and that the bad events will never end.

“One bad idea leads to another bad idea,” said one bad idea observer. “The bad ideas will multiply until we are entirely consumed by bad ideas, in a bad cycle of bad shit.

“Unfortunately, until we can be rid of the bad people, we will never be rid of their bad fucking ideas.”