Atrocity occurs in place it often occurs

AN awful atrocity has befallen a country where such atrocities are commonplace.

The unimaginable horror struck the nation in just the same way as it has so many times previously.

A politician who helped the atrocity happen said: “My thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims of this completely unforeseen and¬†unavoidable tragedy.

“It really could not have been easily foreseen or avoided by myself and my colleagues who really have no power at all to pass any laws that could have prevented the atrocity from occurring and are therefore in no way to blame.

“The wounds of this awful atrocity are still too fresh to begin debating the reasons for why it may have very obviously occurred, just as the wounds of all the incredibly similar atrocities from years and decades past are also all still too fresh for us to ever talk about them.

“I just wish there was something I could have easily done to prevent this tragedy from happening, as well as all those other times it happened before.”

People who have pointed out that there is a clear common cause to this and all the previous atrocities have been told to stop being so sensible and caring.

An atrocity advocate said: “How dare you try to stop these terrible atrocities from occurring so often! Why are you trying to destroy my freedom by making it so much more difficult for me to kill dozens of people in 45 seconds?

“My ability to efficiently slay anyone I dislike is enshrined in the laws of this land and it is morally wrong to suggest that the widespread availability of mass-murder methods should be significantly curtailed.

“There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that this nation’s toxic culture of possessing mass-murder devices has anything at all to do with this nation’s extraordinarily high rate of mass-murders.