Artificially bounded regions idolised

GEOGRAPHICAL regions bounded artificially to enable their autonomously distinctive operation as juridical entities are being idolised by the people who, by chance, were born there.

The politically divided landscape is arousing passion, creativity, love, anger and bigotry across the globe.

Many great works of art, feats of athletic achievement, acts of heroism, arbitrary statements of hubris, and campaigns of violence, have been inspired by the location of these nonphysical borders and the random chance of spending a majority of one’s life within them.

“This artificially bounded region makes me so proud,” one person with such feelings explained. “I just love the way these borders restrict my movement and define my rights.”

The division of the planet along such arbitrary lines has enabled the formation of sovereign states which can assume control over, create rules for, and administer justice on behalf of, the people randomly gathered within its parameter.

Most are not given a choice over their membership of the state they’ve been assigned to, nor the quality of its governance and the rules it forces them to live by.

“I just love this politically defined region, I would give my life for it,” another person said voluntarily.

“There are so many things that make this superficially bound area great, and despite none of those things being attributable to me, I wish to celebrate them regularly, with illogical enthusiasm.

“Give me a flag, give me an anthem, give me a colour. I’ll do anything for these borders, to ensure the people within them live well, and the people outside them suffer greatly.”