Anti-establishment guy hated by establishment

AN ANTI-ESTABLISHMENT figure is being opposed by the establishment.

Pillars of the establishment expressed “shock” and “disappointment” that an anti-establishment person has displayed anti-establishment traits since joining the establishment.

A member of the establishment said: “I am shocked and disappointed. The establishment can only function for as long as it continues holding the same established principles as it has always done in the past.

“The very least I would expect from a person who has gone out of their way to display their anti-establishment credentials, and won membership of the establishment by doing so, is that they’d immediately ditch the charade of anti-establishment and talk and act in the same established way as myself and the rest of my esteemed establishment colleagues.

“The last thing I thought might happen in this scenario was for this establishment gatecrasher to continue acting in the same anti-establishment way as they had done before.

“You see, when you join the establishment you’re supposed to act like the establishment.

“Anyone who breaks this rule is disrespecting and dishonouring the establishment principles that were established many centuries ago – despite no one really knowing why, or when, or by whom.”

The establishment is now working hard to ensure the anti-establishment figure is expelled from the establishment as fast as possible, with the threat to established customs and practices growing every minute that he remains.

“What we all fear is that the establishment might get changed in some way,” said another establishment member.

“What will it be then? The anti-establishment? The re-established establishment? The disestablishment formerly known as the establishment?

“This cannot and will not be allowed to happen. The people who elected this anti-establishment figure to the establishment must realise that the establishment is the only established way of doing things.

“We must tell them, forcefully, that without the establishment nothing can ever be established.”