2016 less devastating than 2116

THE devastating events of 2016 pale in comparison to those wrought across the world in 2116, according to 22nd Century sources.

People living 100 years hence, what few of them remain, say that 2116 is a non-stop horror show devoid of all hope, full of pain, and overwhelmed by soul-crushing desolation.

“I’m sure 2016 seemed pretty bad at the time,” said one 2116 dweller, “set in the context of an era of plentiful food, ice caps, and trees, 2016 probably sucked pretty bad.

“Stood here, however, in the year 2116, it is impossible not to feel envious of those who could still enjoy birdsong and did not live in fear of a merciless ocean.

“I understand there were many really popular people who died during 2016, but in 2116, everyone except for a band of 23 hardy survivors who clung on to the side of a mountain died.

“In comparison to the waking nightmare we live through, 2016 was like a sweet heaven of non-stop joy and smiles.”

The 2116 sources appear to confirm fears that 2016, while undoubtedly a fuckfest of awfulness, is not a one-off dreadful year but the beginning of a long inexorable decline that will ultimately destroy all life on this planet.

“People who endured 2016 and lament its crappiness seem to fail to recognise that it was not merely a freak abnormality, but the start of a new trend in devastation that does not, ever, relent.

“The bad stuff that went down that year had consequences for all years thereafter, ultimately resulting in the true legion of ghastliness that is 2116.

“Our world is the darkest of the dark, the bleakest of the bleak. But while we struggle just to survive, for survival’s own sake, at least we do not live in ignorance of what is to come.

“We know full well that life does not ever get better than this.”