James Cracknell is the author of Crack News and works as a freelance journalist and newspaper editor.

Here is some of James’ published work:


“Money pours in for homeless Harry,” Waltham Forest Echo, September/October 2015

Waltham Forest Echo, Issue 7


“Give us back our lollipop warden,” Enfield Gazette & Advertiser, 1st July 2015

Enfield Advertiser 1st July 2015


“Green Zone,” Hillingdon Magazine, spring 2015Green Zone


“The Scene is just the start,” Waltham Forest Echo, Jan/Feb 2015Waltham Forest Echo Jan/Feb 2015

“Send Shaker home,” Wandsworth & South London Press, 19th December 2014

Send Shaker Home


“Better connected,” Invest Bromley, autumn 2014

Better connected


“It is like I don’t exist,” South London Press, 3rd June 2014

It's Like I Don't Exist


“The only way is up,” Waltham Forest Echo, summer 2014

The only way is up

“Out of order,” South London Press, 18th October 2013

Out of Order


“It’s luxury, not affordable housing that’s being built,” South London Press, 1st October 2013

It's luxury not affordable


“How to be witnesses to history,” South London Press, 9th July 2013


“Night of cool sounds with organic mystique,” South London Press, 12th March 2013

Night of cool sounds with organic mystique


“We were put through hell,” South London Press, 8th March 2013

We were put through hell


“We thought it was terror attack,” South London Press, 18th January 2013

We thought it was terror attack


“1 in 4 live in overcrowded homes,” South London Press, 14th December 20121 in 4 live in overcrowded home


“Home for eight is a one-bedroom flat,” Ruislip, Eastcote & Northwood Gazette, 30th May 2012Home for eight is a one-bed flat


“A thumbs-up for humanity,” Uxbridge Gazette, 31st August 2011

A thumbs-up for humanity


“More than just a dry spell for farmers,” Uxbridge Gazette, 22nd June 2011

More than just a dry spell for farmers


“One small step for South Ruislip,” Ruislip & Eastcote Gazette, 25th May 2011

One Small Step For South Ruislip


“Library users tell councillors to go,” Wembley & Willesden Observer, 14th April 2011

Library users tell councillors to go


“HS2 will hit buffers,” Uxbridge Leader, 13th April 2011

HS2 will hit buffers


“Sad train of events on the least reliable Tube service,” 23rd February 2011

Sad train of events


“Apology about surgery closure,” Pinner Observer, 23rd September 2010

Apology about surgery closure


“Alan nabs Ibiza bag snatch lag,” Northwood & Rickmansworth Gazette, 25th August 2010

Alan nabs Ibiza bag snatch lag


“Harrowsaurus bones found by workmen,” Harrow Leader, 1st April 2010



“Fire chiefs arrested over warehouse blaze deaths,” The Independent, 25th February 2010Fire chiefs arrested over warehouse blaze deaths


“The journey to Copenhagen,” Focus Magazine, November 2009

The journey to Copenhagen


“Stratford needs two more planets,” Midweek Herald, 30th September 2008

Stratford needs two more planets


“Salute to the heroes,” Stratford-upon-Avon Herald, 8th November 2007

Salute to the heroes


“Culture tag for Stokes Croft?” Bristol Evening Post, 10th August 2007

Culture tag for Stokes Croft


“Kasabian,” The Independent, 5th January 2007