Money lenders lent money to repay money

MONEY has been lent to money lenders to help them pay back the money they were lent.

The emergency loan allows the money lenders to lend money, at least until they run out of money and need to be lent more money to carry on lending money.

Which is likely to be on Moneyday.

“It ain’t funny when you run out of money, money, money,” moaned a moneyless money lender.

“Paying back’s a bitch when you’re not rich.”

It’s been many years now since these particular money lenders have made much money from money lending.

And in order to prove they can make their money repayments to the money lenders they’ve lent money from, the money lenders must vow to lend money only to people who are made of money.

“If we can only lend money to the moneyed, it means there’ll be lots more moneyless out there who have no way of making money.

“Money lenders are supposed to be there when you need money, not not there when you need money and there when you don’t need money but still want money anyway.”

Money lenders now owe so much money to other money lenders that they can barely keep up with the money charges for the money they’ve been lent, let alone make a dent in the money they’re in debt.

“We might give up money lending and move into the marshmallow manufacturing market instead.

“At least marshmallows don’t lose any value when they’re melted over a fire.”