Love permitted

LOVE has been permitted by a small group of rule experts.

Following a long discussion, the rule experts decided that love should not be against the rules.

A debate around the various merits and potential pitfalls of allowing everyone to love and be loved had ensued for several weeks.

“It was a tough one,” admitted a rule expert involved in the decision.

“There are a lot of factors to weigh up. Is love good or bad? And if love is good, should everyone be allowed to love, or should some people be banned from loving?

“Can you help falling in love?

“Who gives love a bad name?

“Does everybody need somebody to love?

“What is the power of love?

“Is love all around?

“Where is the love?”

Hours were spent discussing these questions, as well as many more, before the rule experts decided by a narrow margin to permit love for everyone.

The love-loving rule expert explained: “I voted in favour of love, because I eventually realised that the various forms of love – falling in love, making love, and being beaten at tennis – are all enjoyable activities.”

However, a rule expert who voted against the decision said he was disappointed that love was now free for all to enjoy – without threat of punishment.

“It’s not fair that everyone can love,” said the love-hating rule expert.

“Some people might love in a way that harms society. Love, in the wrong hands, is dangerous. It sends a bad message. It can be disruptive, distracting, disturbing.

“Love, in some instances, is a barbaric, heinous act. An abomination. An atrocity.

“Just think about all the potentially disastrous consequences now that anyone and everyone is allowed to fall in love and be happy and have fun and share their lives together and support each other and do that really icky thing with their genitals.

“I hate love. I really, really hate it.”