Landowner’s patience rewarded financially

PATIENCE has won a ‘hard-waiting’ landowner a huge fortune.

The freeholder of an unassuming acre of land skillfully waited until its value had substantially risen before deciding to sell.

Money earned from the sale is enough to buy a bigger plot that could also become highly profitable should the landowner demonstrate the same tenacity, guile and dedication needed to do nothing for several years.

“I waited really hard for so long, but finally I got my reward,” the proud proprietor explained as he received his cheque from the bank.

“I think it’s easy to underestimate exactly how difficult it is to inherit a piece of land, ignore it for decades, then sell it when its value has rocketed¬†thanks to external factors.

“The trickiest bit was when the government decided to substantially improve public infrastructure in the immediate area, making the land more accessible and more appealing to potential buyers, thus increasing its value.

“I had to wait so hard while all that was going on. I don’t think there are many people in the world who could have done it.”

During the years of hard waiting the accomplished landowner did no work of his own to improve the land, as tempting as it might have been, because doing so would have meant delving into his own pocket.

A great source of inspiration for this was the tax system. “I basically had to be really clever to ensure I maximised my plot’s value,” the landowner explained.

“The surrounding area was being improved, which in turn increased my land’s value. I cannily waited while all this was going on, knowing I was accumulating more wealth without paying a penny in tax on it.

“A lesser man might have crumbled at this point, unable to handle the pressure. But I tenaciously held on until the time was right to sell.

“Thankfully the tax system rewards patience, not productivity.”